Useful info for visitors

In this section you will find useful information for visiting the WC. Entrance to the Arena, parking, bicycle storage, kid's zone and also the visitor rules, opening hours of the Vysočina Arena etc.


This year we will again use the CASHLESS payment system NFCtron. How does it work?
1. Come to the charging counter and get a chip (for a refundable deposit of 30 CZK). Charge the chip with cash (we accept CZK or EUR) or your credit/debit card.
2. Upon your first charging you will receive a receipt which includes an internet link and QR code: these both will link you to your on-line account where you can always see all your previous transactions within the whole event.
3. You can charge your credit at any of our charging spots within the Vysočina Arena. You can do that as many times as you want over and over again. 
4. Another way how to check your current credit situation on the chip is to attach your chip at the point of purchase (catering, merchandising).
5. We will refund all your remaining credit on your departure from the Arena at the couter by the entrance.
We recommend:
1. Charge your chip with at least 1000 CZK (40 EUR) to have enough credit on the chip for the whole event.
2. Keep the receipt for the whole duration of the event.
Provider is not responsible for any harm caused by loss or theft of your chip! 
Why did we decide to use this system?
1. To eliminate waiting in our catering zones = much faster clearance of each customer..
2. Better comfort for you = charge your chip just one time with enough credit and you will not have to deal with it for the whole event! We will refund the whole remaining credit on your departure from the Arena!
3. Better comfort for us = we don't need to work with cash = better hygienic standards within the whole catering.
Thanks in advance for your positive attitude! We do this for your better comfort within the whole event!