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We offer to sports- and cycling companies several options how to approach visitors of the 2020 UCI MTB World Cup in Nové Město (CZE). Click through all the submenu items to find out more...


We offer to all sports- and cycling companies to approach visitors of the 2020 UCI MTB World Cup in Nové Město na Moravě. For this purpose there will be set up the Expo Zone area. Expo Zone is a popular enrichment of the program and offers our visitors a unique opportunity to learn about innovations in the bicycle industry and also purchase missing equipment.



Friday, May 22 - Sunday, May 24, 2020



Vysočina Arena, parking lot in front of the SKI hotel (see the Stadium Plan, the area marked with the EXPO sign)


Conditions for the Exhibitors

1. Pricing (without VAT)

Size Range Price
0 - 60 m2 EUR 40 per m2
61 - 100 m2 EUR 38 per m2
Over 101 m2 EUR 36 per m2
Power supply - Please bring your own cables!!!
P1 Power 1 Phase, 16 A (typical 220V) EUR 120
P2 Power 3 Phase, 16 A EUR 140
P3 Power 3 Phase, 32 A EUR 200
P4 Power 3 Phase, 63 A EUR 320

2. The area booked is the maximum space that can be used (size of the stand including cars that are intended to be parked in the expo zone!!!). All stands will be marked and measured by the organisers. Exhibitors must check in with the organisers upon arrival at the Event Village. The organisers will direct exhibitors to the relevant stand location.

3. Entrance and parking accreditations will be assigned depending on the size of booked area.

4. More
- Date and approximate time of arrival on site must be arranged with the organisers
- Exhibitors must be on site with structures set by 3PM on Friday, May 22
- No exhibitors or teams may leave the site until after the prize giving (Sunday, May 24 at approx 4PM)
- Please leave the site as you found it, leaving rubbish in bins and taking only your own possessions with you.


Cashless payment system

This year it is NEWLY OBLIGATORY for all exhibitors to get involved in the NFCtron cashless payment system, which will run in the Vysočina Arena for the whole duration of the event. All visitors of the event will be equipped with "chip bracelets" which will be used for all payments within the Arena. Your takings will be sent via bank transfer the next working week (probably right on Monday after the event).


Expo Zone Payment

Until Thursday, April 30 under standard conditions. In case of later payment a “late booking fee” of EUR 200 will be added to the price for each individual exposition.


For booking your space in Expo Zone, please fill out the registration form below: