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Bike Vysočina 2022




Saturday, May 14, 2022

Vysočina Aréna, Vlachovická 1355, 592 31 Nové Město na Moravě

SINGLETRAIL Moravský kras z.s.

Race Director:
Pavel Mikšík, pavel.miksik@mtbnmnm.cz

Head of the Course:
Libor Kříž

Friday, May 13, 2022, 4 - 8 PM and Saturday May 14, 2022, 8 - 10:30 AM
Vysočina Arena, next to the visitor parking, underneath the skiing slope 49.5725881N, 16.0543994E
Riders registered in advance who have paid the starting fee will be preferred. 

Overview map of the venue
...for the participants of the public marathin with important points (parking, packet pickup, bike storage, bike wash etc.) here.

11:00 Vysočina Arena, UCI World Cup gate

On the meadow next to the main visitor's parking lot 

Time Limit:
for completing the race is at 4:00 PM

50 KM, 1000 m. total climb
The core of the route is the circuit from previous years. Only the beginning is different: it will lead the riders from the Arena along the biathlon tunnels towards the village of Jiříkovice. Then around Tři Studně, Cikháj, Rumpoltův Mlýn, Devět Skal, Fryšavské hájenky, Samotín, Kadov and Medlov back to the Vysočina Arena.

Course map:
To be found here (detailed interactive online map).
Map in PDF for download here.

Measured segments:
3 measured sections with a separate evaluation (just like the Strava segments) will be marked on the track: technical, climbing and trail segment. In each segment, there will be an opportunity to win interesting prizes from the WC partners. Current map of the whole marathon course, including the measured segments, will be published soon.

MJ       Men Juniors 15-18 years old, 2004-2007      ZJ      Women Juniors 15-18 years old, 2004-2007
M        Men 19-39 years old, 1983-2003      Z       Women 19-39 years old, 1983-2003
M40    Men 40-49 years old, 1973-1982      Z40    Women 40-49 years old, 1973-1982
M50+  Men 50 years & older, 1972&older     Z50+  Women 50 years & older, 1972&more experienced

Entry Fee:
upon registration and payment until May 9, 2022
entry fee                             600 CZK (approx 25 EUR)
entry fee + 3-day entrance pass for the World Cup   900 CZK (approx 37 EUR)

upon registration and payment after May 9, 2022 and on site
entry fee                             700 CZK (approx 30 EUR)
entry fee + 3-day entrance pass for the World Cup   1000 CZK (approx 41 EUR)

Standard entry fee includes a free entrance to the World Cup arena on Saturday for 2 persons (the rider + his entourage).
Entry fee + 3-day entrance pass for the World Cup includes a free entrance to the World Cup arena on Saturday for 1 person (most probably for the entourage) and the 3-day entrance pass for the World Cup.
Entry fee includes results processed by a chip technology, refreshment stations on the course and in the finish, health service, lunch, bike wash, bike storage and parking.
All payments through the registration system of our partner company SportSoft (the buttons below).

Event withdrawal with entry fee refund is possible until May 9, 2022 at the latest. Send your request by email to the Race Director. Cancellation fee of 5 EUR will be deducted from the amount. Entry fee is not refundable after above mentioned date.

1. Using online registration system until Friday, May 13, 2022, 12:00
2. Later only in the Event Office

By registering online you will lower the risk of waiting at the Event Office. 

Registration   Start list   Statistic

Bike Service
The KOLOFIX service team will be present on site and will be able to solve minor repairs of your bike! All service operations are free of charge, you only pay for the material used for the repair.

Starting Grid:
The elite group on the start will include all riders wih the UCI license and the riders with the wild card.
You can apply for the wild card only until May 9, 2022 within the online registration (please add your reasons)! We will accept previous good results at the last Bike Vysočina MTB Marathon or races of KPŽ or Author Cup (positions 1-5 in the finish). All riders have the same start time.

Start Numbers:
Each competitor shall place a start number on the front of their bike and keep it visible for the entire race. There's a chip for timekeeping glued to the start number. The start numbers will not be returned after the race ends, nor the chips.

Bike Wash:
In the Vysočina Aréna, will be marked. Do not use places reserved for the World Cup. Washing bicycles in the pond and stream is strictly forbidden! 

Bike Storage:
Free-of-charge bike storage for all visitors of the Vysočina Arena underneath the grandstand.

Free-of-charge parking for all visitors of the Vysočina Arena as well as for the Bike vysočina MTB Marathon participants close to the marathon finish (official parking lots of the Vysočina Arena).

Awards Ceremony:
The awards ceremony will take place on the WC podium in the Vysočina Arena after Awards of U23 categories (it should start approx 18:15 - 18:30). 

Important Instructions, Equipment and Safety of Participants:
The race takes place in full traffic and all competitors take part at their own risk. Each participant is required to have sufficient cycling equipment and pay heed to traffic rules, instructions of organizers as well as the Police of the Czech Republic. He/she is also required to behave so not to endanger the health of other participants nor their own. Each participant is responsible for the damage caused. Mountain biking is a demanding sport and each participant should seriously consider their readiness before the start of the race. Full protective helmet is mandatory!!! It is strictly forbidden to use an e-bike!

The event takes place in the protected landscape area. It is strictly forbidden to throw away any kind of garbage under the threat of disqualification. Areas for throwing away the garbage will be marked.

Participants younger than 18 yo compete at responsibility of their parents or team coaches. They will present their signed agreement at the check-in at the latest.

The medical service will be present at the refreshment station and in the infirmary at the EXPO zone in the Vysočina Arena. There is a hospital in Nové Město Na Moravě.
Each participant agrees with the publication of his personal data in the range of name, surname, club and category in the form of a list of entrants and race results.


We are looking forward to your participation in the event. All news and updates can be found at www.mtbnmnm.com