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The World Cup event in Nové Město na Moravě (Czech Republic) is approaching, the riders are eager to compete and organizers are ready. What is the hot news from NMNM? Let us introduce them one by one.


  1. Tickets - a maximum of 3000 spectators each race day

It has long been considered whether this year's MTB World Cup in NMNM will be possible to take place at all. Fortunately for all competitors, the discussion has gradually shifted to the level of possible participation or non-participation of spectators. Now the good news is finally coming for them as well: the event will take place with the spectators, although only a limited number of 3,000 of them will be admitted to the Arena every race day. 3 separate spectator sectors with a maximum number of 1000 people will be set up on the grandstands.

"It was clear since early spring that this time it will not be possible to organize our event in the format we have been accustomed to in recent years. But after all we are happy to avoid a completely intimate concept and we can invite at least a limited number of fans to the Vysočina Region. Current governmental regulations in combination with the logistical possibilities of the Vysočina Arena allow a maximum of three thousand spectators per day to enter. For the weekend program from Friday to Sunday, more than half of these tickets have already been sold from the pre-sale, which took place before the outbreak of the corona-crisis, so the competitors do not have to worry about empty grandstands. On the other hand, our racing program was extended by additional 2 days, because the UCI has granted us the organization of two rounds of the World Cup due to the coronavirus spread. Therefore, for those who will no longer be able to get tickets for the weekend program, there is an opportunity to come to Vysočina on Tuesday and Thursday and see the biggest aces of the mountain bike peloton then", says chairman of the Organizing Committee Petr Vaněk.

Tickets can be purchased only online in advance before the event (here); they will no longer be available for sale on site. Complete program of the event can be found here.


  1. Accompanying program: security restrictions

The event will take place in compliance with all governmental regulations related to the COVID-19 spread. Therefore, this year it will not be possible for the spectators to access the popular Team Zone (pits), where it is usually possible to meet the favourite athletes face to face, take pictures with them, or just watch them during their usual pre-race routine. Riders will travel from Nové Město straight to the World Championships in Leogang, Austria, and cannot afford any potential risk of infection, so they will be maximally isolated throughout the race week.

"This is the trend, you can see it at many other sport events, for example the Tour de France. All athletes isolate themselves from the spectators, immediately after the finish they put on masks, disinfect their hands and of course there are many more safety measures. If we want to be a trustworthy organizer for all involved, we must adapt to this trend and simply omit some traditional parts of the program this year. This time we will cancel the popular Expo Area sales zone and reduce accompanying events such as evening parties, public races or partner activations to a minimum. We also have to regret the campsite, which we usually set up in the immediate vicinity of the Vysočina Arena,” explains Vaněk.


  1. Abundant sports participation

An opposite situation is registered by the organizers from the sports point of view. Thanks to the fact that the racing season is truly short this year, an enormous number of athletes are registering to participate in Nové Město. A busy starting field in all categories and maximum participation of elite competitors is expected. "In the current situation it was difficult to prepare simple conditions for the entry of competitors from potentially "risky" COVID countries into the Czech Republic, but thanks to an excellent cooperation with the National Sports Agency and other authorities, we are hoping to welcome an abundant amount of athletes from all over the world, "added the head of the organizing team Vaněk.

So, are you coming to visit the top MTB event in Nové Město na Moravě this year? If you plan to do so, do not hesitate too long: especially for the weekend more than half of the tickets are already sold.