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Sun is melting the last patches of snow in the Vysočina Arena, indicating to us that the right time for us has arrived to publish the first information about the accompanying events that are waiting for you during the World Cup event in Nové Město na Moravě. We do not reveal our cards all at once, so we are going to tell you everything gradually, one after another. Today, we are going to provide you with all details and parameters of the public races: Bike Vysočina marathon, and MTB Night Race!



The Bike Vysočina 50-kilometre-long public marathon race as total elevation of about 1000 metres, and the route runs through the most beautiful places in the Vysočina mountain range. It has become a classics, as with slight changes now and then, the course of this race has been virtually the same for more than 10 years! We have had no reason to change as the route is in a lovely rolling countryside, is suitably fast, and offers splendid vistas and views into the countryside to those who do not aspire to break their personal bests. Meadows above Samotín or picturesque cottages in Kadov, for example, are pure pleasure to behold!

What’s new? Segments!

We have something new for you anyway. The increase in popularity of the Strava tracking app gave us the idea to mark several sections on the course of the race that will be a kind of “race in the race”. Our purpose was to give all participants in the marathon an opportunity not only to race for best results in “general classification” of the entire race, but also in individual marked section. Do you consider yourself a strong climber? Or are technical sections with roots and stones where you shine most brilliantly?  Or is trail riding your cup of tea? We shall see! On the marathon course, you have a chance to slow down slightly before each trail section, and then show what you’ve got. You can win interesting prizes from our partners as we are going to award the fastest racer in each category on each segment!

3 trial sections will be marked on the course: a technical section, climbing section, and trail section.

The first of them is about 1.5km long and runs along the blue tourist marking in the vicinity of Brožova skalka rock. It is a rather flat section that has one shortish climb and a descent. Roots, soft forest surface, choice of ideal way – these are the parametres you must master to succeed!

The climbing section is meant for those who know how to suffer in climbs. Be careful, though, this section is technically rather difficult, too. Strong thighs and large lung capacity are a must, just as the ability to deal with tall drain ditches! This segment is 0.6km long and has elevation of about 60 metres.

The trail segment is for those who can climb well, but are even better in descends. The section is mainly a downward slope, but if you want to succeed, you will need to pedal hard as it has length of nearly 2km! Several banked curves, terrain waves and erosion gullies will test your technical skills. 

Interesting prizes from the World Cup partners are ready for the best in each segment: Kilpi will provide the winners with something to wear, Cannondale might come forward with a lovely bike equipment, and Cyklostar has prizes that come handy when taking care of your two-wheeled hone! The map of the course and all three trial sections will be made public in no time!

Are you a racer and a fan in one? Then buy a discounted ticket!

The basic participation fee includes free entry to Saturday’s races for two people (the racer and their entourage). If you decide to stay to cheer to elites in the Sunday’s race, we have a great news for you: when registering into the marathon, you can tick the „Buy World Cup ticket“ option that will enable you to come to watch the races on Friday and Sunday, too, and for a special price. And that that is worth it!

All information about the race, instructions, registrations etc. are available here.




Saturday evening has a short and dynamic MTB Night Race in stash. It is a race that you can ride as hard as you can, or opt for a training speed and enjoy its atmosphere and fun element. The course runs on lit roads where biathlon races take place, and its participants often wear bizarre and funny costumes, and perform stunts in the finish line. This, however, is not the condition to your participation: the leaders of the race usually give their everything to win the race. Of course, you can ride the race in a relaxing speed, without any costume – just for the fun of it.

The course runs on a 2km-long tarmac circuit, and is 30 minutes + 1 lap long. If you decide to take part in it, you can stand on the starting line next to mechanics and team staff members, so do not miss out on the MTB Night Race! And if you do not feel like racing, come to the course to cheer and have some fun! All information about the race, instructions, registrations etc. are available here.



If racing is not what thrills you, but still you enjoy riding bicycle and discovering new places, we have something for you too. In cooperation with the Vysočina District and its destination agencies (Vysočina Tourism and Koruna Vysočiny), we prepared a series of three cycling trips into the countryside near Nové Město na Moravě that you can make on Saturday when not cheering to professional athletes, or during any other visit to the Vysočina region. These trips will be published on our website and social media soon, so do not forget to follow our Facebook and Instagram.


So what do you think? Will you spend the whole weekend in the Vysočina Region this year? How about spending long weekend here? You can arrive on Friday and enjoy a lovely trip through the local countryside, watch the elite racers during the Short Track race in the evening, and start into the MTB Marathon or MTB Night Race, or support the U23 and juniors on Saturday, meet your friends and visit the Expo Zone. And on Sunday? Cheer, support and enjoy the elite racers. It will be huge after three-year-long brake that we have had!