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The outbreak of the global COVID-19 pandemic has significantly reduced the global movement of people. The European Union has introduced a comprehensive ban on entry into the European Union from third countries with national exceptions.

The scheme for entry into the Czech Republic with the List of COVID-19 Low-Risk countries (hereinafter referred to as the “List of Safe Countries”) and related requirements for entry are published at (we recommend regular monitoring of the “List of Safe Countries” as it may change depending on the development of COVID-19).

Due to protection against the spread of COVID-19, the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic has issued the document “Protective Measures - Restriction of Crossing the State Border of the Czech Republic”. This document is essential for the entry of foreigners into the territory, in this respect it is necessary to monitor its effective wording, see


Instructions for athletes participating at UCI MTB World Cup in Nové Město na Moravě 2020

If the athlete travels to the Czech Republic from countries that are not on the "List of Safe Countries" (see explanation above), he/she is obliged to submit a certificate from the National Sports Agency to enter the Czech Republic, register at the Regional Hygiene Station and is required to undergo RT / PCR test.


1. Confirmation from the National Sports Agency

  • Download and fill this application form. (on Page 1: Company name = UCI Team Name / National Team Name)
  • Send us your application by email no later than September 6, 2020 (extended deadline) at - please send the application collectively for the entire UCI ELITE TEAM / UCI TEAM / NATIONAL TEAM (not each individual athlete one by one). In the application include ALL persons who apply to enter the country (including mechanics, coaches, etc.).
  • We will process all applications and send them to the Czech Cycling Association, which will confirm the necessity of the presence of the persons in the Czech Republic and then send all applications for confirmation to the National Sports Agency (this will be processed in the period between September 1-4).
  • The National Sports Agency will then evaluate all applications within about a week - we will send the confirmed documents to you as soon as we receive them.

If you are coming from a country with a visa requirement, you will also need a visa to enter the Czech Republic in addition to the NSA confirmation. The list of countries with a visa requirement can be found here:


2. Upon your arrival contact a Regional Hygiene Station

- if you are arriving straight to Vysočina Region where the World Cup takes place, your contact information are:

KHS Kraje Vysočina (, Tolstého 1914/15, 586 01 Jihlava, MUDr. Jan Říha (telephone +420 567 564 551)

- if you are arriving to another location first, please find your contact information at:

Again: please send the notification collectively for the entire UCI ELITE TEAM / UCI TEAM / NATIONAL TEAM (not each individual athlete one by one)

This is not obligatory anymore: Organizing Committee of the UCI MTB World Cup Nové Město na Moravě will take care of this duty!


3. RT/PCR test

So far, the only option is to take the test directly at the airport - price is 1750 CZK (approx. 65 EUR). Full information for testing at the airport to be found at

We are trying to provide another alternative (testing in the World Cup venue), we will inform you.


While travelling, please follow the safety measures as requested at:


In case of questions do not hesitate to contact us: or directly the National Sports Agency: