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Difficult situation that our country and the whole world is nowadays going through is logically reflected in the mountain bike world. What is the current status of the planned overture of the MTB Cross Country World Cup in the Czech Republic?

Latest news from the International Cycling Union (UCI) suggest that we should follow local government regulations when organizing races, which is logical. The same resources also indicate that so far, only those cycling events scheduled for March or April have been officially cancelled or re-scheduled to another date. All events planned in May, including our World Cup in Nové Město, are still indicated to take place as planned (May 22-24 in our case).

However, organizers of other World Cup venues have already announced opposite votes: for example, the organizers of the DH World Cup in Maribor, Slovenia (scheduled for May 2-3) admit that the event is unrealistic under current conditions, they are looking for a substitute date. Another DH WC event, which was scheduled to take place in Lošinj, Croatia (May 9-10), has even completely abandoned the event: main partners of the OC - the local tourist office and accommodation providers - withdrew from the event because of a realistic (= bad) forecast for the upcoming tourism season. The search for a potential substitute term was therefore no longer relevant here. On the contrary, the organizers of the DH WC from Fort William, Scotland, still believe that their part of the series will take place as scheduled (June 6-7), at least they expressed so through their communication channels.

We also monitor other cultural, sporting and social events, both in the Czech Republic and abroad. The situation is very difficult to predict and changes every day. We collect all important information from our country and report them to the UCI representatives on a weekly basis. Even though that our episode of the WC series is scheduled for more than two months from today and we hope to see it happen in its original timeframe, the likelihood that this will go as planned decreases day by day. Therefore, we have set a decisive date: April 20, 2020! If we’ll have a clear statement from the Czech government and UCI by this date that the event can take place in the original date, we will go ahead with preparations.

It is important to look at this situation from the perspective of participants from all over the world. Even if the coronavirus pandemic was eliminated and kept under control in the Czech Republic, it would depend on global developments whether the event could take place or not. UCI will have to decide in order to allow as many regular participants as possible to take part, while none of the national federations to be disadvantaged (for example, because its competitors cannot travel to the event because of international travel restrictions). Therefore, we are also talking about potential "substitute" date for our event. Due to this year's specific racing calendar (mainly thanks to the Olympics in August) there are several dates available in September or October that could fit into updated racing schedule quite well. Let’s see what the next few weeks bring.

In the meantime, we wish everyone to stay strong and positive and we hope to meet with all of you again soon!