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Enjoy it all!

Ride with JR and T31

Team 31 (with 3 women riders: Jenny Rissveds - the Olympic Champion from Rio 2016, Kelsey Urban and Linn Gustafzzon), outside racing, is helping to raise awareness and highlight Article 31 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. The children's right to rest and leisure, to play and recreation adapted to the child's age. In this work, Team 31 also wants to inspire children and families to an active lifestyle and to get out into nature.

Take part in our social event in Nove Mesto!

Time and date: 13:30-15:30 15th of May
Place: Nove Mesto Bike arena and the surroundings.
Maximum participants: 30 kids divided in 3 ages groups
Meeting point/ ride start: Team 31 Tent (Team 31) - Team Zone A



Short description and schedule of the event:

Children and youth ride in Nove Mesto arranged by MTBNMNM supported with participation of Team 31 Pro Riders.

(At any podium, some riders will join later)
13:30 Gathering at Team 31 tents and dividing the riders  into groups supervised by local staff.
15:50-14:50 Ride, with the Team 31 Pro Riders, guided by local staff.
14:50-15:30 refreshments and autograph signing at Team 31 tent. With Team 31 Pro Riders.