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Saturday May 26, 2018

Vysočina Aréna, Vlachovická 1355, 592 31 Nové Město na Moravě

SINGLETRAIL Moravský kras z.s.

Race Director:
Pavel Mikšík, pavel.miksik@mtbnmnm.cz

Head of the Course:
David Hodr

Packet Pickup and Registrations:
Friday May 25, 2018 15:00-20:30 and Saturday May 26, 2018 17:00-18:00
Vysočina Arena, behind the grandstands, right in the main entrance (the ticketing containers) N 49°34.57468', E 16°3.19120' .
Riders registered in advance will be preferred.  

18:30, Vysočina Aréna - stadium, UCI WC gate. Mass-start using the Le Mans technique (with the starting shot the riders run towards their bikes placed on a nearby meadow and immediately start into the race).

Vysočina Aréna - stadium, UCI WC gate.

The course is very similar to the official WC Short Track course. However, it includes several branching with special obstacles (snow ford, CX labyrinth, Mitas Pneu-Choice, tough-boys refreshement zone).

The race lasts 30 minutes + 1 lap.

M - Adult Men,  Z - Adult Women
Apart from the fastest riders in the fnish, we will also award the best costumes, the most stylish jump on the stadium drop and several other riders skills during the race.

Entry Fee: [UPDATE]
Free of charge

Event withdrawal with entry fee refund is possible until May 21, 2018 at latest. Send your request by email to the Race Director. 

1. Using online registration system until Friday, May 25, 12:00
2. On the site in Vysočina Arena

Registration   Start list

Statistic   Results

Start Numbers:
If you want to be in the books, put your start number on your bike at least!

Bike Storage:
Under the grandstand in Vysočina Arena. Before entering the Bike Party we strongly encourage everyone to put their bikes into the Bike Storage.

Awards Ceremony:
The awards ceremony will take place directly after the race as a part of the Bike Party.

Important Instructions, Equipment and Safety of Participants:
Each participant must behave not to endanger health of other participants nor their own. The organizer does not pay any expenses on health nor the property caused within the race. Mountain biking and especially Mad Track race is a demanding sport and each participant should seriously consider their readiness before the start of the race. Full protective helmet is mandatory!!! You can use an e-bike, but consider this race it's last ride. All riders start at their own risk! For real! In case of any injuries we will provide you with medical treatment, but do not expect nothing else from us! :-)
We’re looking forward to your participation!