All about the WC!

In this section you will find all the information on the official competition program of the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup in Nové Město (CZE). They are intended to the athletes, teams, UCI officials and last but not least, the audience! Click through all the submenu items...


Classic and the only Olympic discipline of mountain biking. Race on the technical track full of obstacles, fast descents and challenging uphills. The first lap (start lap) leads along a wide forest road (for better overtaking opportunities) is followed by a predetermined number of regular laps (number of rounds is different for each category, it is established by the UCI Commissioner before the race according to the actual conditions on the track).

WC points for the winner: 250


On Saturday, May 25 the race track is reserved for Women U23 at 11:00, for Men U23 at 13:00. Then for Junior Women at 15:00 and Junior Men at 17:00.

On Sunday, May 26 the Women Elite race will be held at 10:20 and the race program concludes at 13:35 with Men Elite race.