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MAY 24-26


Faster payments by card, watch or phone thanks to NFCtron!

This year again, we will be providing lightning-fast payment services of NFCtron in the CATERING ZONE.

This year you can pay quickly, securely and worry-free. Thanks to NFCtron, you will be able to pay conveniently at all selling points by credit card, watch or mobile phone.

Cash payments will not be accepted in the CATERING ZONE. Cash can only be used to top up the chip wristband for further payments at the selling points.

Hand in hand with nature 🌱

Thanks to NFCtron solution you we will not print any unnecessary receipts, and you can simply check everything online. After each payment, just wait for authorization and a green screen with order confirmation and QR code. Just scan the QR code and view the receipt online. Just scan the QR code and check the receipt online.

3 tips for fast payments with NFCtron
  1. Place the card on the right place and hold it for at least 2 seconds.

  2. If you are paying with your mobile phone, we recommend placing the phone with it's back side to the reader.

  3. To get the receipt, just scan the QR code after payment, which you will see on the green screen of the retailer. We don't print anything, we go hand in hand with nature!

Chip payments for those who are unable to pay with card

Cash payments will not be accepted in the CATERING ZONE. For those of you, who can’t pay with card, we offer the option of using a NFC chip which you can top-up with cash.

  • You will top-up your chip with cash at a designated top-up point. The activation fee for the first top-up is 30 CZK.

  • After the first top-up, you will receive an information receipt with a QR code, which you will keep carefully to check your balance and return the remaining credit. You can also check the credit in the NFCtron mobile app.

  • You can return unused credit for free within 14 days after the end of the event.

  • We recommend downloading a mobile application NFCtron for even better overview of your spending.

The NFCtron app is available in App Store and Google Play. NFC technology on your phone is required for the app to be fully functional.

Link for download:


How do I find out the balance on my credit account?

Vendor will show you the balance of your account after every purchase or order. Also, the balance can be found out in the NFCtron mobile app; you only need to scan the chip, or scan the QR code from the printed information leaflet that you receive if you make the first charge of credit at the event.

I have some remaining credit left. How can get it refunded?

Reimbursement of the remaining credit to CZK and EUR accounts is free of charge and the amount of the reimbursement is not limited. You only need to ask for it via your online receipt at the event, or via NFCtron Tickets, or via the NFCtron mobile app. The money will be returned to the bank account within 14 days after the end of the event. Reimbursements are not made in cash.

Are you not sure what to do?


Have a look at our video tutorial or contact the NFCtron Support Team.


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