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MAY 24-26


Days of operation

Friday, May 24, 4-7 pm

Saturday, May 25, 9 am - 6 pm

Sunday, May 26, 9 am - 2 pm

Base for Test Fest

A quiet meadow behind the SKI hotel (former minigolf ground).

Test Tracks

Single tracks in the vicinity of the Vysočina Aréna - Cyklo aréna Vysočina / Map of singletrack (MTB / E-MTB). Attention, some trails will be closed as a result of the UCI MOUNTAIN BIKE WORLD SERIES (intersection with race courses) - follow the organizer's instructions.

Adjacent field/forest/fire roads (gravel), roads and cycling paths (road bikes etc.). 

Terms and Conditions for Testers
  • Bike testing is free of charge. The only condition is to have a valid ticket to enter the UCI MOUNTAIN BIKE WORLD SERIES in Nové Město na Moravě for the given day (which does not apply on Friday when there is free entrance to the Arena).

  • The registration of the testers takes a short while, so we recommend everyone to arrive approx. 15 minutes before the time of their first bike-booking.

  • When attending, each participant must present an identity card (passport) and another personal document (f.e. a driver's license), these will be checked and recorded. A participant verified in this way will be marked with an identification wristband and will receive a proof of registration.

  • The Test Fest wristband cannot be used as a ticket to enter the stadium (for that another wristband of a different color will be used).

  • Testing companies have the right to refuse a rental to a person they are not convinced will comply with their conditions.

  • The legal representative is fully responsible for a participant under the age of 18.

  • For the purpose of testing, a special exit and entrance to the Vysočina Arena will be set up. Only marked bikes and Test Fest participants with an identification wristband will be allowed to pass through.

  • Rental time of one bike: 60 min. Including time for adjustment to the height and weight of the tester and treatment of the bike after the loan (washing, lubrication, recharging in case of e-bike). That means roughly 30 minutes of riding per bike.

  • E-bikes may not be tested by kids younger than 15 y.o. or anyone weighing less than 50 kg.

Terms and Conditions for Exhibitors
  • Participation of companies/brands at Bike Demos is free. Only the electrical connection is charged.

  • Each company will receive 2x accreditation for entering the Vysočina Arena + additional accreditation for every 10 bikes.

  • Electrical connection - please bring your own extension cables!!! P1 - 1 phase, 16 A (typical 230V) = 3000 CZK / P2 - 3 phase, 16 A = 4000 CZK / P3 - 3 phase, 32 A = 6200 CZK / P4 - 3 phase, 63 A = 9600 CZK

  • It is not possible to take the stand as a presentation and sale of goods. The Expo zone will be used for this, where the conditions of participation are different: Expo Zone

Booking for your bike brand/company
  • Please book your space by email at:

  • Provide the number of bikes you plan to bring with you, and the area you will need for your base

  • Besides that, please specify if you wish to have power supply provided (and what kind)

Bikes Available

Bikes from Scott, Bergamont, Orbea, Giant, Liv, Trek, Canyon, Merida, Specialized, Ghost, Lapierre, Pells, Santa Cruz, BMC, Cervélo, Superior, Rock Machine, Haibike, Bulls, Rascal, Woom - in total approx 300 bikes.

How to book a bike?

Through a unified mobile app for all brands through this link here or via QR code below. There are almost 300 bikes on offer, find their full list here.

For the most convenient reservation we recommend you to first choose the bike from the list above and then find it in the Reservio app using the "Search window".

Important information, equipment and participant safety
  • Each participant must behave in such a way as not to endanger the health of other participants or their own.

  • Full protective helmet is mandatory - bring your own!!!

  • If you want to test a bike, bear in mind that having proper cycling shoes is a good idea.

  • Exhibitors may not have all types of pedals available (SPDs or other clipless systems) - feel free to bring your own pedals.

  • Each participant tests at his own risk and is responsible for culpably caused damage.

  • The legal representative is fully responsible for a participant under the age of 18.

Privacy policy

Your personal data will not be passed on to third parties neither by us nor the persons acting according to our instructions. Personal data will be kept only for the time period necessary to implement the required service i.e. the Bike Demos period. Subsequently, it will be destroyed.

We look forward to your participation!


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