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In the covid era, it is necessary to separate classic journalists / photographers / videographers from those who work specifically for some team and this way separate these two groups (bubbles) into MEDIA and TEAMS. MEDIA CENTER is intended for classic journalists / photographers / videographers, who are not allowed to enter the team zone. Conversely, team journalists / photographers / videographers are allowed to enter the team zone, but cannot enter the MEDIA CENTER.

Please apply for the media accreditation via our online registration form below! The registration process has ended. The registration is necessary for journalists / photographers / videographers who want to enter the MEDIA CENTER and the designated photo zones along the race course. Team journalistst will only need the rainbow pass.

Applicants for video accreditation, please contact Mrs. Susanne Lenz:

MEDIA CENTER is located inside the Vysočina Arena, therefore it is necessary to fulfil the same requirements as for entrance to the Arena (valid accreditation + negative PCR test no older than 72 hours on period Thursday - Sunday, for details check the COVID PROTOCOL)!!


Press Officer: Jan Němec,, +420 777 234 751


For all journalists with media accreditation for our event, please READ BEFORE YOUR ARRIVAL:



Fontana in front of the cameras at the World Cup back in 2011

Fontana in front of the cameras at the World Cup back in 2011