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MAY 24-26

U23 Short Track race opened the programme

The racing programme of the World Cup event in Nové Město na Moravě was opened by U23 categories and their short track races (a short cross-country race of 20 minutes). The track that was soaking wet after morning rain made the racers difficult to distinguish from one another once they got to the finish line, but this did not spoil the joy for some successful Czech riders. Adéla Holubová finished on an excellent 6th place and achieved her all-time best result that catapulted her among the top five in general classification. Another Czech rider, Simona Spěšná, finished 13th.

In men’s race, Jan Zatloukal finished 11th, having been in the leading spot of the whole pack of 40 riders in the first half of the race. Jan almost repeated his best result from last year, when he finished 10th in Legogang.

The victory went to Isabella Homlgren of Canada and Amos Riley of USA.

Women U23

1. Isabella Holmgren (CAN, Trek Lidl) 20:35 min.

2. Ella Maclean-Howel (GBR) +0:09

3. Madigan Munro (USA, Trek Factory) +0:10

4. Valentina Corvi (ITA, Santa Cruz Rock Shox) +0:11

5. Emily Johnston (CAN, Trek Future Cycling) +0:11

6. Adéla Holubová

(Rouvy Specialized) +0:11


13. Simona Spěšná (jb Brunex Superior) +0:18

22. Patricie Srnská (Nutrend Specialized SKR) +0:46

27. Nela Viktorová (Rouvy Specialized) +0:48

34. EliškaHanáková +1:30

35. Aneta Novotná +1:59

Men U23:

1. Amos Riley (USA, Trek Factory) 20:25 min.

2. Dario Lillo (SUI, Giant Factory) +0:01

3. Luca Wiedman (SUI, Thomus Maxon) +0:03

4. Luca Martin (FRA, Orbea Factory) +0:03

5. Joseph Blackmore (GBR) +0:03


11. Jan Zatloukal (Nutrend Specialized SKR) +0:10


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