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Traditional MTB Night Race will this year be held on SATURDAY evening. It's that kind of a race that you can push hard from start to finish; or rather enjoy it in the training tempo, but with maximum fun! The race takes place on lightened biathlon tracks and many participants often start in bizarre costumes and show off some truly amazing stunts. But there are also some guys, who take it 100% seriously: the front of the pack is pushing it full throttle! Don't hesitate to take part even if you want to take it relaxed and without a costume, you definitely won't be alone out there!

The race circuit is 2 km long with wide and paved surface. The race is held for 30 minutes + 1 lap. At the start line you will meet World Cup team mechanics and other team members including even the Team Managers of renowned names. MTB Night Race is definitely something you should't miss! And if you don't participate as an athlete, a role of spectator is a must!


Saturday, May 25, 2019

Vysočina Aréna, start / finish line of the UCI MTB WC circuit

Bike Events s.r.o.

Race Director:
Pavel Mikšík, pavel.miksik@mtbnmnm.cz

Head of the Course:
David Hodr

Packet pickup and Registrations:
Saturday, May 25, 2019, 18:30 - 20:30. Vysočina Arena, in the tent next to the start / finish line of the UCI MTB WC circuit 49.5776456N, 16.0524100E
Riders registered in advance will be preferred.  

21:00, Vysočina Arena - stadium, UCI WC gate

Vysočina Arena - stadium, UCI WC gate

The race takes place on lightened biathlon tracks with wide and paved surface. One lap is 2 km long. The race lasts 30 minutes + 1 lap. Plan of the race track below on this site. The "start" lap = all riders behind the motorcycle.

MJ       Men Juniors 15-18 years old, 2001-2004      ZJ      Women Juniors 15-18 years old, 2001-2004
M        Men 19-39 years old, 1980-2000      Z       Women 19-39 years old, 1980-2000
M40    Men 40-49 years old, 1970-1979      Z40    Women 40-49 years old, 1970-1979
M50+  Men 50 years old and older, 1969-older     Z50+  Women 50 years old and more experienced, 1969-older

Ordering on the Start Grid:
Upon everyone's arrival to the start area.

Entry Fee:
250 CZK (approx 10EUR) when registered online until May 21, 2019
350 CZK (approx 14 EUR) when registered after May 21, 2018 and on the site

Payments for international participants: only on site in cash! (No advance payments possible).

Cancellation of the registration:
It is possible to cancel your registration until May 21, 2019 by email to the Race Director.

1. Using online registration system until Friday, May 25, 15:00
2. On the site in Vysočina Arena

Registration   Start list   Statistic

Start Numbers:
Competitor shall place a start number on the front of his bike and keep it visible for the entire race. The start number is assigned only for this particular race. There's a chip for timekeeping glued to the start number. The start numbers will not be returned after the race ends, nor the chips.

Bike Storage:
Under the grandstand in Vysočina Arena.

Awards Ceremony:
The awards ceremony will take place directly after the race within the Bike Party.

Important Instructions, Equipment and Safety of Participants:
Each participant must behave not to endanger health of other participants nor their own. Mountain biking is a demanding sport and each participant should seriously consider their readiness before the start of the race. Full protective helmet is mandatory!!! It is strictly forbidden to use an e-bike. All riders start at their own risk!

Participants younger than 18 compete at responsibility of their parents or team coaches. They will present their signed agreement at packet pick up at latest.

Emergency service will be available on site. Closest hospital is about 3 km away in Nové Město na Moravě.

When registering you agree to display your personal data (name, surname, club, category) in the Start List and Result List.

When cancelling the race due to sudden natural disasters, epidemics or the worsening security situation in the country the starting fees will not be returned.

We’re looking forward to your participation! 

Course Plan:

Night Race = all about fun!

Night Race = all about fun!