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MAY 24-26

VIP tickets with exclusive bonuses go on sale

We have put standard tickets on sale before Christmas and the statistics show, that compared to previous years when most fans used to arrive to the event only on Sunday, this year many of you are looking forward to a condensed program with men's and women's Elite races on both weekend days. Many of the fans are clearly preparing to come to NMNM for the whole weekend! Now it's the time to launch the VIP ticketing. These packages have been significantly innovated compared to previous years, and by purchasing them you can get exclusive bonuses.


Let’s start with the classic VIP package which you may know from previous years. If you buy it, you will get an access to the covered area above the Media Center in grandstand B, from where you have a perfect view of the finish line, as well as the entire stadium area. In case of rain or bright sun, here you will be perfectly protected, and you can spend here all day or just come to warm up / cool down / refresh yourself / rest anytime when needed. The entire space is equipped with several TV screens, which means that you can comfortably follow all the racing on the race course. Non-alcoholic drinks, prime coffee and light alcohol for a toast or refreshment (beer, wine, prosecco) as well as cold snacks will await you all day long. On both weekend days, we will serve a hot buffet lunch from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. In addition, you can also use the guaranteed place for comfortable standing directly under the windows of the "VIP lounge" in grandstand B, from where you can watch the most dramatic moments of the races. We offer all this for the price of CZK 3,000 for one day (either Saturday or Sunday) or CZK 5,000 for a weekend pass.


A new opportunity for a truly exclusive experience is offered by the newly introduced “VIP Premium” ticket, of which only 50 will be sold. In addition to the classic VIP amenities described above, you will also get other above-standard experiences in its price. Thanks to the recent reconstruction of the Vysočina Arena, a new tribune E was created, which offers the best view of the start and finish area with its location, and its shape also directly encourages us to place comfortable seats in places from which you will have all the happenings in the area in the palm of your hand. Race starts, passes to the next rounds and sprint finishes right below you, a huge LED screen capturing the action on the track even in the most distant places right in front of you, roaring crowd all around. In addition, a self-service beverage bar with a sweet bar available all day and a 10-minute helicopter flight over the Vysočina Arena as an extraordinary experience on top. Exclusive gifts from Café Reserva (a limited-edition cup and saucer) and the Sonberk winery (a bottle of wine with an original limited vignette) will add to the uniqueness of the moment, and private transportation from the VIP parking lot to the Vysočina Arena and back will ensure maximum comfort. A one-day experience in the form of a VIP Premium ticket costs CZK 7,000, and a weekend pass costs CZK 11,000.

What do you think? Are you tempted by the premium service or will you come to enjoy the MTB NMNM in the classic, proven mode? Either way, we look forward to seeing you!

* All VIP guests must be accredited and pick up a VIP parking card before arriving at the Vysočina Arena. The opening hours and place of accreditation will be indicated on the website of the event at least 14 days before the event.


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